Brakes  –  LIFETIME WARRANTY Pads Available

Have you noticed an unusual grinding or scraping sound recently?  Is that annoying squeal every time you brake driving you crazy?  Are you worried that your brake pedal feels low or spongy when you step on it?  If so, it may be time to have your brakes checked.

At Maine Auto Service, our ASE certified technicians are experts at diagnosing and servicing your vehicle’s braking system.

Brake Evaluation FormWe offer a free visual brake check

We’ll start by conducting a test drive so we can fully understand your concerns. Then, we’ll complete our 55-point braking system evaluation, so we’ll know exactly what’s going on with your brakes.  We follow the Motorist Assurance Program national industry standards of service in evaluating your brakes.  We’ll measure your brake pads and rotors, and compare those measurements against the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications.  We’ll do a complete check of your braking system hydraulics, starting with the master cylinder, and we’ll carefully inspect the brake hoses, lines, and calipers.  In this way, we can accurately determine which services to recommend to restore your car’s braking system to its proper operating condition.  (A diagnostic fee may apply, however any fee will be credited if you decide to complete repairs.)

We’ll put the results of this inspection in writing and give you a copy.  Your technician will also bring you out to your vehicle, so you can see for yourself exactly what’s happening.  He’ll be glad to explain the results of the inspection and answer any questions you may have.

And, we offer a lifetime warranty on our brake pads or shoes, good for as long as you own your vehicle, at any of our 6 locations in Maine.  So, you’ll never have to pay for the brake pads or shoes again.*

At Maine Auto Service we care about you and your car, and want to help keep you safe.  Trust Maine Auto Service for safe braking.

*A labor charge will apply