Certificate is for passenger and light truck alignment service only most vehicles. Additional parts and/or labor that may be needed to complete the alignment are not included. Winner’s certificate is NON-TRANSFERABLE and has absolutely NO CASH VALUE. This certificate is redeemable for any 4 wheel alignment (up to $89.99 max.)

By participating in the contest, I agree Maine Auto Service may use information about me to send targeted ads and marketing material. Maine Auto Service is not allowed to sell or rent my personal information to third parties. In limited circumstances Maine Auto Service is allowed to share my information with certain promotional partners. I hereby release, discharge, hold harmless, and indemnify Maine Auto Service and their promotional partners from any and all liability for any losses, claims, damages, demands, causes of action, costs or expenses, including reasonable attorneys’ and medical fees, no matter how caused, arising out of or otherwise relating in any way to my participation in the contest, my acceptance of any prize, or any breach or alleged breach by me of any affirmation, undertaking, or obligation of mine in this affidavit and release.